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NHPC be named DLF Station: J.P. Malhotra

Naveen Gupta Faridabad (Metro Plus) : DLF Industries Association Office bearers lead by President J.P. Malhotra accompanied by S/Sh. Vijay Raghavan, Subhash Gupta, K.K. Nangia met   Sh. Krishan Pal Gurjar, Hon’ble Minister, GOI and urged him to process Association request for “Change of Name” of DMRC Station from NHPC Chowk to DLF Industrial Area. Elaborating the reasons and making the Association case, Mr. J.P. Malhotra informed the Minister that DMRC Metro Station by the name NHPC Chowk has been constructed on Badarpur-YMCA Metro line. To our knowledge this station was located right before Budhiya Nala at NHPC Chowk and hence named accordingly at the commencement of the Project. Due to some practical reasons, location of Station was shifted to present location which is right in front of DLF Industrial Area on the NH-2. DLF Industrial Area is most relevant & appropriate name of the Station as it is by this name that population knows the area. DLF Area is mostly habituated by industries & exporters, garment manufacturers & engineering companies visited by people/clients from outside world. Without Prejudice, NHPC is located on the By pass Road, could be 2 K.M. from NH-2 & present location of the Station. The majority of Metro Ridership is & can be further expected from areas adjoining or surrounding the DLF Industrial Area, explained Mr. Malhotra to the Hon’ble Minister.

Sh. Krishan Pal Gurjar gave a favourable patient hearing to the office bearers of DLF Industries Association and assured to take up the matter with Administrator HUDA who is nodal officer of DMRC Faridabad and MD DMRC Sh. Mangu Singh. S/Sh. J.P. Malhotra, Vijay Raghavan, Subhash Gupta,      Dinesh Sardana thanked Hon’ble Minister for his appreciation of the facts of the case and agreeing to take up the matter earnestly with the authorities concerned. Mr. J.P. Malhotra has also sent the representation to Administrator HUDA Faridabad, Deputy Commissioner Faridabad and GM DMRC Faridabad.

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