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Patriotic fervor marks Haryana day celebrations

Naveen Gupta
Faridabad, 7 Feb.:
Haryana Day celebrations at the main Chaupal of Surajkund Mela organised by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Haryana, on Friday evening gave a glimpse of state’s rich cultural and heritage legacy by instilling pride and sense of belongingness for the state. The artistes presented colourful song and dance performances in which they spelt out that the state had contributed in every field of life from producing fine soldiers to quality sportspersons. Chants of ‘Haryana jahan doodh dahi ka khana….’ to ‘Mera rang de basanti chola…’ combined with narratives of the fame that the state brought to the country saw the audience applauding the performance.
Then they presented ‘ragini ka rang’ that had ‘kissas’ reflecting rich culture and heritage of the state followed by song and dance programme that had Haryanavi dancers and musicians playing traditional instruments and singing ‘Haryana ki maathi ko jhuk kar karo saalam’, ‘har ki boli Haryana mein’ and ‘Har ki dharti jahan Shri Krishan ne diya Gita ka gyaan’.
The next performance by a group of men singing the laurels of people of this region since 1857 to the freedom movement of the country and till date, they never shirked to sacrifice their lives. Even the women of Haryana are no less from Laxmi Bai to astronomer Kalpana Chawla and player Saina Nehwal and countless women have brought fame to the state.
Celebrating womenpower, a play was put up on importance of girl child and against female foeticide. The underlying message of the play was that the society on the whole and especially, the women themselves have to stand up against the wrongdoing of foetal testing and should rejoice the birth of girl child in the house.s7



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